Let’s start the conversation

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Let's start the conversation Cheshire Therapy Room

Welcome to my first blog.

It feels as if it has been a long time coming but here I hope to share my passion, knowledge and insights into hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and mental health in general.

It is my aim to develop a conversation about mental health that extends beyond the therapy room. That it is no longer something that is talked about in hushed voices. It is my vision that therapy is no longer seen as a last resort, that the idea of taking care of our mental health becomes as important as our physical health.

The pace at which we live our lives is ever increasing, the expectations of modern life are much greater than they have been before. We place so many demands and stresses upon ourselves in the work place, the home, the way we look, the way we raise our children. Yet within our culture we are rarely taught to praise ourselves, to stand back and recognise our achievements, to realise that we are worthy and we are enough.

It can be difficult. Many of us are taught to put others first and to think about ourselves later. Whilst this may appear admirable, how can we expect ourselves to give to another if we are not the strongest we can be? It is my hope that my blogs can share insights, tips and research, dispel myths and encourage the idea that it is OK to put yourself first, that self-care is not a luxury but an essential part of living.

Seeing a therapist is about taking charge of your mental health, it is not a weakness.

Einstein said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” I hear he was quite a clever man.

We often try and fix our problems ourselves and berate ourselves when we can’t. We might talk to friends or family and they can be an incredible support network but therapy is different. It allows you take a step back from the problem, gain a new perspective and change the way we think which in turn can change the way we feel. This is a skill which will impact upon every aspect of our lives. Taking time to look after our mental health not only benefits our emotional wellbeing but also has an enormous impact on physical health, our ability to perform, our relationships with others and provides us with the ability to move beyond just getting by, to really living our lives.

I look forward to sharing the conversation with you.