Hypnobirthing failure?

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Hypnobirthing failure? Cheshire Therapy Room

I read an article this morning, about a couple who were asking the question:

“Did we fail at hypnobirthing?”

The couple in had participated in hypnobirthing classes, put the practice in and were excited about the natural birth they had planned.

Unfortunately things did not go as expected and their childbirth ended in an emergency C-section. They were devastated and felt like they had failed, or that hypnobirthing had failed them.

As I read this, I was shocked and found myself asking,

“How is this a failure?”

It is so wonderful to see how much hypnobirthing is growing in popularity and how it is becoming a regular feature in birth plans. I see so many wonderful posts from hypnobirthing teachers who are playing huge roles in changing the conversation about childbirth and empowering women and I am sure that the case above is a rarity. However, hypnobirthing is not about ensuring a short birth free from complications, interventions or medications.

Hypnobirthing absolutely increases the chances of a straight forward birth. It is possible to have a pain free birth. There is a plethora of evidence both statistically and from experience about how hypnobirthing reduces rates of intervention, decreases labour time, decreases the use of analgesics and anaesthesia and reduces complications.

However, we have the responsibility to parents-to-be to impart the knowledge that hypnobirthing is about so much more than that; it is about taking the fear away from childbirth, empowering women and partners to feel confident about their choices and to feel calm and in control no matter what happens.

There are no guarantees with childbirth, the birth that you have is the one that is right for you. Hypnobirthing is about helping women to feel like an active participant in their experience, trusting the process and learning that they can enjoy this wonderful natural transition to becoming parents. There are some situations however, where a vaginal birth just isn’t possible. Hypnosis can also be incredibly effective at preparing you for a planned caesarean should this be the case, helping you to feel connected and in control of the process.

So whether you have a short vaginal birth at home, emergency C-section, epidural or any other scenario, hypnobirthing it is about giving you all the tools and the confidence to know that whatever happens, you can cope, you are in control, you can trust in your body and your baby, you have choices and you are incredible.

There is no failure.

If you have any questions about how hypnobirthing can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.