We use hypnosis all the time…

When did you last daydream?

Have you ever driven your car only to reach your destination and not fully remembered the journey?

Has a television programme ever held your attention so much that you haven’t heard a conversation next to you?

When reading a book can you picture the characters or hear their voices?

All of these experiences are examples of altered states of awareness and hypnosis is just the same. I offer hypnotherapy in Cheshire to help you get to where you want to be.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a focused state of attention, in which your awareness shifts from your external environment to your internal one. It is a completely natural state, which we all slip into and out of several times a day.

It is in this state that we learn and process new information.

We have all heard the saying, “it is like riding a bike, you never forget.” At first you had to consciously think about how to balance, where to put your feet, how to steer and when to use the brakes. It felt like such a difficult task. But one day you no longer had to think about it. It became an unconscious ability.

Healing the Imagination with the Imagination…

Every memory, every skill, every resource we have resides within our unconscious mind, but sometimes these can be difficult to access, because we often get used to doing things the same way over and over again.

Hypnosis expands your view, allows you access to these memories and resources and positive suggestions are taken on more easily as you get in back in touch with your natural creativity. This allows you to see things from different perspectives, find new ways of doing things and explore your capacity to feel differently.

How many times have you imagined a situation going badly and your body responds as if it’s really happening? The beliefs we hold, our perceptions of events and the meaning that we place on things all affect the way that we live our lives.

Hypnosis is about utilising the imagination in the way it was meant to be used; to solve problems creatively, to find new perspectives and gain new understandings to allow you to live life the way you want to live it.

Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

A hypnotist has the skills to guide you into a hypnotic trance and help you with relaxation, which in itself can be very beneficial. However, a hypnotherapist can work with you on a wider range of issues, helping you to make lasting, positive changes within your life.

Hypno-Psychotherapy provides a greater depth of understanding still, utilising hypnosis as a vehicle for psychotherapeutic approaches, whilst holding the relationship between client and therapist as central to the process. As a UKCP Accredited Hypno-Psychotherapist I work with a variety of approaches depending on what is most appropriate for you.

Hypnotherapy in Cheshire…

So whether you are looking to break free from repeating patterns of behaviour, take more control or relieve yourself from stress or anxiety, whether you want to build self-esteem and confidence in yourself, or work towards a specific goal, hypnotherapy can help you and I am here to show you how. As a UKCP registered Hypno-Psychotherapist, I abide by the UKCP code of ethics which you can find here

If you have any questions, please contact me or discuss these within your first session.