When was the last time you were really listened to?

 We spend our lives communicating, but how often do you feel truly listened to?

You might find it difficult to be completely honest with friends and family because you don’t want to upset them. Or you may be afraid that you won’t be accepted if you are not the person you feel you ‘should’ be.

Psychotherapy is about creating and working in a relationship where you feel heard, understood and accepted for who you are. It is about understanding where you are, where you want to go and working with your therapist to get there.

An Integrative Approach…

You may feel stuck because of overwhelming emotions. It may be that you are in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts and worries. Or perhaps you are finding yourself in the same situations and repeating patterns of behaviour.

You may be unsure what type of psychotherapy is right for you and that is OK.

No one approach to psychotherapy suits everybody, which is why integrating techniques from approaches such as person-centred counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, transactional analysis and gestalt therapy allows more flexibility. I offer psychotherapy in Cheshire or online, working in collaboration with you to understand your needs and choose the approach or combination of approaches most suited to you.

Is the Issue About the Past, Present or Future?

You might already know where your issue has come from or you might be unsure but just know that something doesn’t feel quite right or that you could be feeling more joy.

You may feel like life now is affected by issues or events from the past, or perhaps they are impacting on where you are trying to get to.  Perhaps your current circumstances are causing you stress or leaving you feeling out of balance. It may be that you are worried about future events or want to work towards a specific goal. It may be a combination of all three.

Wherever the issue lies, hypno-psychotherapy can help you. This may involve working to understand and find new ways of relating to past experiences, finding new ways of adapting to current circumstances and or it may be that you want to move more effectively towards the future. Whatever it is, understanding your thoughts, feelings and behaviours can help you take back control and have an immense affect on your relationship with yourself and others.


I bring a person-centred philosophy to my work with you, which means that we work in a collaborative, mutual relationship with the belief that people can and do grow, adapt and change and that they already have the resources inside of them, but sometimes just don’t know how to find them.

It is first of all my role to really listen and understand how you see the world and your place within it. I will then utilise all of my knowledge and skills in a range of psychotherapeutic approaches to develop a bespoke approach for you. Finally I will be there every step of the way whilst we work together towards where you want to be. As a UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist I uphold abide by the ethics code of the UKCP which you can read here