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hypnobirthing for partners Cheshire Therapy Room

Here is one for the men and partners about to welcome their child into the world.

In my previous blog post we talked about fear of childbirth, how fear can lead to the complications we are afraid of and how hypnobirthing can help you to have the experience of birth that you want. To read this post please click here.

But what about the partners of pregnant women?

“what about them?” I here you ask.

Fathers to be and partners play and integral role within childbirth, yet they often get pushed to one side because they are not actually experiencing it. However, it is within human nature to assess the safety of a situation by looking to those who are closest to us. If birth partners can demonstrate confidence and positive expectations, women are more likely to feel safe enough to let go, partners will feel connected to the experience and as a couple you can share in this incredible journey.

Whilst several studies have considered the fears of women, few have explored the fears of men or partners. One study which did look to paternal fears identified the most common being:

  • Harm being done to their partner or child.
  • Partner being in pain.
  • Feeling helpless.
  • Possibility of interventions.

The idea of men feeling helpless when it comes to childbirth is a common one.  I hear so many times from men and partners that they wish they could do more. They often feel they are getting in the way or want to understand what their partner is experiencing. I also often hear from partners that they wish they could take a bigger part as they see such a close connection between mother and baby because of the experience.

Hypnobirthing is about working as a team

You have both taken part in creating your baby, therefore you both take part in bringing your baby into the world.

Childbirth has the potential to be the most amazing experience of your lives and an important step in the transition to becoming parents. Hypnobirthing classes allow you to share your experience together.

Hypnobirthing is not just about the experience of the mother, it is about a couple working together to bring life into the world. The benefits for partners include:

  • A greater understanding of the childbirth process to enable you to understand what is going on for your partner.
  • Time to define the role that you will play.
  • Reduction or elimination of fears.
  • Greater sense of confidence and control.
  • Understanding through visualisations what your partner is experiencing and what she needs.
  • Tools to allow you to encourage, reassure and increase a sense of calm, confidence and control in your partner.
  • Allows you to take an active part in the process.
  • Increased bonding between you, your partner and baby.

I always encourage partners to come along to hypnobirthing sessions whether it is the father, partner, friend or family member and it is always wonderful see their growth in confidence.

Fathers and birth partners, you are a part of this process, so come and enjoy the journey.

To find out more about hypnobirthing please visit my Cheshire hypnobirthing page or it you would like to ask any questions at all please contact me via telephone or email.